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Buy Ansomone Online



Substance: Human Growth Hormone
Packages: 1 kit (10 vials [10 IU (33.3 mg)/vial] )
Common Name(s): hGH, GH, Human Growth Hormone

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Buy Ansomone Online

Ansomone is a sterile, with the properties of recombinant human growth hormones, which is identical to natural. Also it has a fast-dissolving structure which is represented by a chain, that has 191 amino acids.

The release form of the drug includes vials containing 4 IU or 10 IU of Somatropin sublimed as a white powder. This preparation is used for subcutaneous injection.

One package includes 10 vials.


How to Use Ansomone

Many do not know how to use Ansomone. Firstly, the drug should be prepared. In order to do this, 1ml of water is introduced into the vial for injection. This liquid should be injected into the vial’s wall by gently tilting it to an angle of 45 degrees. Then a smooth rotary motion is necessary to spin the bottle and rotate it until such time as the drug is completely dissolved. It is forbidden to sharply shake the bottle.

Load the resulting solution in an insulin syringe. To make an injection with the drug in the abdominal fat or intramuscularly.


Methods of injecting Ansomone

As noted above, there are two options for injecting the solution. First, the free hand should gather the skin on the stomach so as to obtain a fold, and in it smoothly enter the syringe at an angle. If after carrying out manipulations on the body, appeared a bruise, thus it means that the drug has been entered incorrectly.

The second way – injecting directly into the muscle. This option is for experienced athletes.

In any case injection is not necessary to produce continuously at one and the same place.


Dosage (Men)

In the treatment of burns of varying etiology, this drug subcutaneously is administered daily in an amount of 0.2-0.4 IU per 1 kg of body weight. Thus, the duration of treatment is typically 14 days.

Athletes to build muscle should enter from 5 to 10 IU. Course duration for them should not exceed 3 months.

Injections with this drug are made 1 time a day, in the evening before bedtime.


Dosage (Women)

2 IU per day.


Ansomone Side Effects

Growth hormone Ansomone has practically no side effects. But what there is, it is observed only in children. In adults, this drug does not cause any negative manifestations. For boys and girls, Ansomone side effects can cause the following:tingling in the body, swelling at the injection site, pain in the joints.

The above side effects usually disappear after a few days of medication’s discontinuation.

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